Sound System
Seat Modules
SiM-S + SiM-V

Standard Seat Modules SiM-S

These plain seat modules, which are protected against water from above, will be fixed directly to the seats back side or the busses side wall. With these modules open top busses can be equipped and withstand a shower without problems.

Download Data Sheet (all types)

Built-in Modules SiM-V

The black built-in modules are normally used to build
in the corresponding cutout of the seat backs.
These seat modules are also protected against splash water, if they are mounted flush.

Customized Modules, e.g. SiM-A

At customer‘s request and up a corresponding number other boxes can be produced, for example seat modules, which are built-in e.g. instead of the ash-tray in NEOPLAN handles or the grip recess of the TEMSA busses.

Control Elements

The actual chosen language is shown by the red 2 digit figure. Each tourist can regulate the volume individual with the plus and minus keys. An additional setting allows to set different volumes for takes and background music.
The arrow points to the position where the head phone (any quality head phone from 32 Ohm upwards with socket-board) is plugged in safely even in cases of high humidity.