Sound System
Seat Modules
SiM-S + SiM-V

Simultaneous MULTILINGUAL Travelguide

SiKom, the facility for simultaneous multilingual communication, is mainly used in city sightseeing buses or ships. Each tourist can choose between 26 languages.
Besides of the compact and robust central unit SiKom, the system includes a remote control for the bus driver or the travel guide, and audio seat modules with head phones.

32 Languages

The guide or bus driver can select flexibly a subset of 26 or 25 plus Background music (Mono or Stereo) different languages from the 32 stored languages.
So it is possible to mix the desired languages as necessary and react to the visitors.

Tour Memory in Remote Control

The take number and a short caption are displayed on the LCD. If a traffic jam delays the sightseeing tour, the bus driver can call prepared text filler by pressing a simple key and later on continue at the interrupted tour position.
The tours are edited on a PC and copied to the CF cards. For a smaller fleet or less complex tours it can be done directly with the remote control. Read more